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what is morse?

Morse is an app that allows healthcare professionals in the community to take existing data offline, make changes, and then sync it back to the main system when they have a secure internet connection.

Morse is:


Latest and historical patient information is available to the user with or without an internet connection, improving patient safety where it is most needed, at the point of care.


Morse is an agnostic system. It connects to any existing 3rd party system to provide the user with instant access to current data. Patient information can be updated offline and automatically pushed back to the 3rd party systems when a secure internet connection is established.


Morse consolidates existing paper based workflows into a digital format using digital-form and ePen technologies. Paper admin is greatly reduced, allowing for more time with the patient therefore improving patient care.


Team collaboration is at the heart of Morse. Flexible task scheduling and a secure direct-messaging service ensure that each and every team member has the latest caseload information at their fingertips.


Morse intelligently builds upon your company's existing business rules by triggering actions based on user interaction. For example, the completion of a form containing a specific data input can automatically generate a referral via SCI Gateway.

Health professionals who spend their day visiting schools, practices and residential addresses have to return to their base to update patient records using a PC. This is both inconvenient and inefficient. Morse will solve this problem, saving the NHS considerable time and money and allowing healthcare workers more time to spend with patients.

- Garry Sherriff (Director - Cambric Systems Ltd)

How Does Morse Work?

from a users perspective

Morse is an app which runs on Android and iOS devices. It enables users to take and work with data offline. Changes are saved to a local database on the device. Then, when a signal is next available the user can sync the data with the back-office systems.

1. Download Data

In the morning, users will sync their app to get the latest data.

2. Go Offline

Users can now disconnect their device from the internet and take the data with them.

3. Use Offline

Out and about, users can access and update patient records on their device.

4. Sync Data

When connected to the net, users can sync the edited data back to the main system.


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